A well documented process is important for each web development project. We outlined necessary steps below to properly organize client's ideas, prepare resources, provide project timeline and plan your business growth.


The Planning Stage

This is the most important and crucial part of the process. During this stage we interact with the client and discuss the entire project with them. We gather and analyze client’s goal, target market, projects features and technical requirements and offer our suggestions based from the information provided. We then create a project summary document and contracts. As soon as terms are agreed, we gain access to client’s server, FTP, database and other credentials. Details gathered from the collaboration with our clients are ingredients needed for a successful project development.

Mixing & Moulding

The Design Stage

This is the stage where we mix all the ingredients and mold them to reality. To provide clients with a good visual of the entire flow and system interaction, we create design wireframes. Wireframes are simple layouts containing design elements and sections. A round of reviewing and modifying takes place until client is satisfied. The actual web design then follows by applying textures, colors and typographies to the wireframes. Another round of review is done until design is approved. After this series of mix and mold process, the client’s web biscuits are now shaped and formed, ready to be baked.


The Development Stage

The most detailed process is the development stage. We make sure that the plan & design is carefully followed as the website fully takes shapes. It starts with design conversion to a valid html & css then building the site using ( CMS ) content management system such as wordpress, drupal or any platform of choice. As soon as CMS is setup and theme is fully integrated, we focus on the features, usability and interactivity of the system. Content setup is done at the latter. Rounds of testing and corrections are made after the development fully met the plan and design requirements.


The Launching Stage

Its delivery time! Oven fresh website is now ready to be delivered. We transfer the site to its production environment and conduct final testing making sure that no issues would arise when website goes live. Moreover, we do final round of checking such as cross-browser & mobile compatibility, link check, features and interactivity. If everything falls into its place, we formally launch the site and tell google to index it. Of course, we dont stop from here, we hand off all the documentations, source files and instructions about your new site. We also offer technical support and maintenance to make sure that the long term goal is met.

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