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What is a beautiful website if people do not discover it? Be known in the web, get ahead of your competitions on search engine ranking and drive more leads from your website through our SEO services.

SEO – Seach Engine Optimization Philippines

seo services philippinesSearch engine optimization or commonly known as SEO is a complex process if not understood properly. A lot of factors need to be considered, thus it is imperative to make them perfectly work together to get your website on search results. SEO is an evolving process where search engines such as google often updates their ranking criteria and algorithms, and one must consider the proper technique and approach to be applied to avoid site ranking degrade during the process update. We at webiscuits will provide you effective SEO strategies.

Targetting the right keywords is one of the biggest factor and it is important that you get the right keywords right from the beginning. Webiscuits will guide you on determining the right keywords, analyze them and create a plan to integrate the right startegies. We help small, medium sized and local business on choosing the right strategy for their business success.

We do Local Search Engine Optimization

Are you a local business aiming to be on top of your competitors in your area? We can help. We will help you target the right keywords to attract local customers and increase your sales for your business.

How do I know that I need SEO?

Listed below are some of the questions to ask if your website is optimized.

  • Do your website have unique and quality contents?
  • Did you do keyword research and checkout what people are searching in regards to your product or company?
  • Are your keywords present in the content and properly used?
  • Is your HTML ( Titles, h1 and other elements ) uses search terms that you hoped to be found by your visitors?
  • How quick does your website load?
  • How well are your URLs structured? Are they clean and organized?
  • Does your website has quality links from other websites?
  • How many people visit your site? Are you satisfied?

You can go on with the list of these questions and see whether you are maximizing the potential of your website when it comes to search engine. Checkout below and check on how we can help you with your seo needs.

  • Keyword/Search Terms research
  • Content writing and analysis
  • On-page optimization for targetted keywords ( Title tags, meta descriptions and other html elements )
  • On-page optimization for targetting local business
  • Site architechture analysis
  • Website Design for optimal performance and better conversion
  • Ongoing support with reporting and analysis

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